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10 Simple Ideas That You Can Do To Reduce Waste Around Your House

“If you want to get serious about sustainability we have
to start with our waste.”


Waste is a serious problem that impacts all of us. Here’s 2 charts that shows how much the US wasted in the past years.  Could you imagine how much that has increased over the last few years.  How sad is this, when so many people in our world is starving to death?!?!



Here’s 2 charts showing how much the world wastes


The best place to start, is within our own home.  There is so many different things we can do, to reduce our own waste from recycling & repurposing items & materials, buying less things which means less clutter, & learning new ways to use up everything we have.  You can be as creative as you want, but if you need ideas there is so much out there.  It also doesn’t have to be some elaborate plan, oftentimes simple is better.  Aren’t sure where to begin, here’s
10 simple ideas that you can do to reduce waste around your house:
1. Use a gallon milk jug to water the roots of garden plants without standing there with a hose: Poke small holes in the bottom of the jug and bury it; fill with water for slow and steady irrigation.

2. Place old silica gel packets with personal papers and important documents to protect them from moisture and mildew.

3. Make a bird feeder out of a 2-liter plastic bottle.

4. Pour used bacon grease into a tuna or cat food can, chill until firm, and wire the can to a tree to give your feathered visitors some food. Bacon grease may be gross to some of us, but it attracts bluebirds, crows, jays, ravens, starlings, woodpeckers and Carolina wrens.

5. Missing game pieces instead of throwing away, use game board as a wall decor or coasters, & use the game pieces for jewelry, magnets, decor items

6. Compost everything that you don’t use ****put in a compost chart****

7. Coffee grounds- use in homemade soaps, exfoliate, use in garden to keep ants & slugs at bay, dried grounds used as a scouring agent, in fridge neutralizes odors,

8. Newspaper- lay down while painting, lie our snack cages with, wash windows with, use a layer in garden to help keep weeds at bay, compost,

9. Tea bags- for eyes, insect bites,

10. toilet paper tubes- for crafting, packaging & packing material, nesting materials etc

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What are some ways you reduce wastes in 
your home? 

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90th Wonderful Wednesday Linky Party

This week is vacation week for us, which has been lots of fun.  My little ones are at the stage where they love to help me so we’ve been decluttering a little bit each day.   Other than a few fun things planned, we are staying home doing a little spring cleaning & having fun together.  I don’t always get a week with all my kiddos home, so I’ll enjoy it as much as I can.  How’s your week going?  Is it vacation week for you too?
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Daily Motivator……..February 22nd & Promoting Your Blog

                       Today I accomplished great things.  I was able to be the best version of myself & share it with the world.
2012-07-22 16.58.09

In the spirit of sharing, I’m offering anyone who is interested in a chance to share their latest blog post with me & my readers.  Here’s a chance for self promotion.  You can add a link to anything you have written, photographed it doesn’t matter.  And in doing so, you will at least gain 1 more reader if not lots more.  Leave a link in my comment section below.  Can’t wait to see what everyone will share with me  🙂

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Inspiration of the Day….February 17th

This week I’ve been battling stomach problems, which gave me little to no motivation.  It’s been so bothersome I had to go to the drs to see if my illness is coming back.  It’s scary when I have my flair ups because I always worry that my liver isn’t working & I’m going to have to go through every painful thing I’ve done before.   Living with a chronic illness is such a hard thing for any of us to deal with.  It really effects us physically & mentally.  Some weeks, months, & years are easier than others.  This was been a trying, that’s for sure.
During these times, my kids are the ones that inspire me. They are the most understanding kids I could have asked for.  They step up & help out more when I’m like this without asking or complaining.  Like tonight, even though I’m feeling better than I have been, my 13 y.o. did the dishes for me, my 15 y.o. daughter made dinner, & my oldest cleaned up the living room to make way for our new couch tomorrow.   Because of this, I’m in good spirits, I’m able to rest up, & tomorrow I know will be a better day for me.
Since I haven’t talked with you all in a while, what has
motivated or inspired you lately?