Rediscovering My Love of Motherhood Through Photography

Being a mom, is the most REWARDING and Amazing thing that I could be a part of.  I am so thankful for all my 5 healthy children.  God has really blessed me.  I love motherhood, even during the hard moment where all you want to do is scream or rip out your hair.  Honestly, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  Motherhood suits me.

2014-04-20 10.57.28-1

What I didn’t realize is that when I started my photography/artist journey, I would fall in love with motherhood all over again.  It helped me rekindle the moments that motherhood is all about.  Those moments which we forget about during our harder times.  I didn’t want to forget or push aside those special moments, since it is what motherhood is all about.  Through my journey so far I have been able to:
*cherish the little things, which in turn became the best things….like the tire swing smiles or silly rainy summer days

2013-08-01 15.06.00 2013-06-09 14.15.09

*realize just how beautiful childhood really is, even during the hard difficult parts



*see that yes indeed, my children are definitely products of their environment….and I am PROUD of this!

2013-05-18 10.08.45 2013-05-18 10.06.03


*see how beautiful they are on the inside and out…. in today’s material centered world, I am glad I can nurture this to help them SHINE

2014-04-08 16.53.58

*know that creativity runs in our family, but shows up different for each  child

2013-05-19 12.47.50 2014-04-12 15.09.37

*enjoy those quite relaxing moments

2014-04-19 12.43.27

*engaging and enjoying each of my children’s spirit

2013-08-03 12.04.39

*share my passion of photography with them and it turn, it has become a part in our lives, something that my children really enjoy.  Absolutely, no forcing here.  Well, maybe my teen son needs a little incentive. 😉  **side note-you can see that my boys don’t like their pics taken as much as the girls.**

Through my experiences with my photography, I not only rediscovered  the wonderful things of motherhood, I have been able to document it, share it with others, and have something special that the children do with me.  Photography helped me reconnect, rekindle my love of motherhood.  And I am so happy, that something that started out as nothing, turned into a family fun activity that I am able to share with my children.

What is something you love about motherhood?

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