Motivation of the Day….February 5th


I had these images to share & post about but my phone isn’t working so you guys get an older image tonight.  Gotta roll with it.
What has motivated you today?  Did you get a snow day like we did?


2 thoughts on “Motivation of the Day….February 5th

  1. Only six inches of snow in New York. Nothing like the blizzard last month thank goodness. The schools in New York rarely close due to snow. New Yorkers just deal with it. As for my job they open no matter what the weather and staff are expected to be there.


    • Yes, you New Yorkers do know how to handle the blizzards. We got a little less than you but Monday & Tuesday it’s supposed to snow again. That stinks about your job because I’m sure there are numerous times it’s not safe for you to venture out and go to work. Wished jobs took that into consideration.


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