Inspiration of the Day….February 17th

This week I’ve been battling stomach problems, which gave me little to no motivation.  It’s been so bothersome I had to go to the drs to see if my illness is coming back.  It’s scary when I have my flair ups because I always worry that my liver isn’t working & I’m going to have to go through every painful thing I’ve done before.   Living with a chronic illness is such a hard thing for any of us to deal with.  It really effects us physically & mentally.  Some weeks, months, & years are easier than others.  This was been a trying, that’s for sure.
During these times, my kids are the ones that inspire me. They are the most understanding kids I could have asked for.  They step up & help out more when I’m like this without asking or complaining.  Like tonight, even though I’m feeling better than I have been, my 13 y.o. did the dishes for me, my 15 y.o. daughter made dinner, & my oldest cleaned up the living room to make way for our new couch tomorrow.   Because of this, I’m in good spirits, I’m able to rest up, & tomorrow I know will be a better day for me.
Since I haven’t talked with you all in a while, what has
motivated or inspired you lately?

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