Affirmation #1- Embracing Yourself

Today’s motivation of the day is a little different, since it’s always nice to mix things up.

affirmation 1

Everyone has something special, something unique about them.
What makes you unique?  How do you embrace it?

2 thoughts on “Affirmation #1- Embracing Yourself

  1. I devote myself to my brother Stephen Palmer who has Autism. I’m always trying to think of ways to make him happy and to spend more time with Stephen. Can’t wait until I retire in two years so I can have more time to be with Stephen. He is my whole world.


    • I think that’s awesome! 2 years isn’t that far off, which I’m sure you’re counting down. What a fantastic sister you are!
      I have a son who is PDD, which is on the autistic spectrum and I sometimes worry about him in the future. But you give me hope, that my kids will watch out & take care of one another.


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