Blog’s Schedule

Simple living means so much more than one idea, that’s why I broke it down into different categories.  Originally, I had something every day, but I need to add a few breaks during the week to pursue other adventures.  I do post as much as I can, some weeks may be more than others.  So here’s the revised blog schedule.

Minimal &/or Mindful Monday

implementing minimalism & understand simplicity in different areas of my life

exploring the world of mindfulness & all that it entails

Wellness Wednesday

healthy living – we need to take care of ourselves & nourish our mind, body, & spirit.

Thoughtful Thursday

sharing thoughts that currently occupy my mind through my photography & writing

Fun Friday

embracing any fun ideas through recipes, diy, & helpful information

Silver Lining Sunday

my ramblings- sometimes we all need to get our thoughts out, but I want to gear my thoughts to be positive, uplifting, happy

 Other areas I will be posting on from time to time, just not regularly are:
sharing inspirational ideas-  things I find as fuel to spark creativity within me

blogging tips & ideas- to help my fellow bloggers out…….

parenting– since I have 5 kids (15-5) why not write about my experiences, thoughts, & ideas

photography– my works, helpful tips, inspirational ideas etc….

Don’t forget to keep this page bookmarked so you will know what you can expect from me each day.  🙂

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This terms and conditions is subject to change at anytime with or without notice.

Furthermore, the owner has the right to remove any comments or posts as they see fit.  If a post is written & taken in a negative light, we reserve the right to remove it, since it wasn’t representing the proper image of this blog.  We are only human afterall, we make mistakes, & writing doesn’t show feeling or emotion.  Sometimes words are taken a different way than originally intended.  Please note that we carefully monitor this so that this blog remains a positive, uplifting, & informative site that everyone enjoys.  Thank you for being a part of this blog & making it such a fun experience for us.

4 thoughts on “Blog’s Schedule

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    • Since simple living has numerous categories I cogired mixing it up would be the best way to cover more ground. Plus, it helps to keep me focused, imbsuch a scatter brain, haha haha.
      The only thing I don’t have on my schedule is I take part in a few parties on Tuesday and Wednesday, as a way to get more exposure and meet more people. I wanted to try it out for a few months and see how it goes. Feel free to join 1 or all of them with any blog post younger, if u blog. If not it’s a great resource, which covers all sorts of topics.

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