Help: Linky Party Ideas

I’m asking anyone out there, who reads this post, for a little bit of help.  I’m looking to start up a link up party but don’t know what theme it should be.  I don’t want to do something other sites are doing, I wanted to be a little more creative, yet nothing comes to mind.  I just want to create a place that everyone can mingle with and have their blog get more exposure.
So, I am asking you to take a moment or two and help me come up with a new link up party that we all can participate in that isn’t overly done, like random diy or recipe parties.  Lets put on our thinking caps and come up with a fantastic fun party.
Anything come to mind????

Would You Buy Used Items For Christmas Gifts?

Question of the day:  
“Would You Buy Used Items For Christmas Gifts?”  Why or Why not.

Tomorrow, I get to spend two hours alone shopping in my favorite city.  Since I don’t get out there much, I’m super excited. I get to hit all the stores I that I love….Christmas Tree Shop, Goodwill, & Savers. As I’m writing my Christmas list out, I began wondering, am I a weirdo because I would gift used items?
Each year, I have certain people in mind that I shop for year around and if something strikes my eye, I will buy it, used or not. I see nothing wrong with buying people used items because
it saves me money
recycles, keeping one less item of our landfills
it’s new to them.
Don’t get me wrong, the items I buy aren’t junk, they are well thought out gifts, that I truly feel that recipient would enjoy. Just because something is used doesn’t mean it’s trashy junk. I know there are lots of others out there, who think I’m weird. But hey that’s ok.  I would find it an honor to be known as the weird frugal lady 😉
What do you think?  Do you do it or are you against it?

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Nurturing Special Connections

Have you ever had a child that loved a certain stuffed animal or blanket?  Having a special connection with it, always carrying it around, & they feel lost without it?
My little Alyssa has that connection, that special bond with her piggy.  This year they both celebrated their 8th birthday together.
She loves her piggy as much as she loves anyone, which is evident by his appearance.  As a baby she would rub the tag to soothe herself, which I thought was totally cute.  She rubbed it so much over the years, she literally rubbed it off.
Now some parents may not agree with letting their child forge a connection, a bond with an inanimate object, but I couldn’t disagree with them more.  I myself, had a special yellow blanket that started out queen sized but ended washcloth size, which makes me laugh because I over loved that blanket.  Over the years, it gave me comfort and made me feel safe, whenever I needed it.  I could throw my blanket over myself, which let me escape the harsh realities of my world.
Nurturing my little ones bond with her piggy is something I’ve always done.  It was bought out of love from my husband to his special little princess, on the day she was born.  Over the years, piggy has become part of her, which is turn makes him part of our family.  What’s wrong with that?

Does you child have a special toy, stuffed animal, or blanket?  Did you have one growing up?

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Reflections & My Thanksgiving Baby

Thanksgiving is a time for others to spend with their loved ones, having fun, enjoying good food, going for walks, playing games, or like us making gingerbread houses.  It’s also a time that so many people take to reflect on what’s good in their life, what they are thankful for.
I think about how lucky I am to be where I am in life all the time, not just around Thanksgiving.  I do this because I know how easily my life could have turned out so different, with one wrong choice.  Isn’t it interesting that one wrong choice could make such an impact on our lives?
This Thanksgiving however, instead of reflecting, I’m celebrating because it’s my baby girl’s birthday.  My little Squishy turns 8 today.  She’s my Thanksgiving baby.

Here’s a few extra pics from the last few months….
20151030_180935 20151121_114118 20151010_142151
Can you tell who her best friend is?
~Hope everyone has had a fantastic, relaxing, peaceful Thanksgiving.  May the peace, love, & thankfulness you have today spread throughout your year.~
How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?  Any fun traditions?

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Things That Make Me Smile

Today was a hard day at work since the children I worked with didn’t want to  cooperate in any way.  This makes for a long tiring day.  By the time I got home, I needed something to lift my spirits and make me smile.  Here’s a few images that brought a smile to my face.  The last one however made me laugh so of course I had to share.  Sorry if you don’t have my sense of humor & don’t find it as funny as I did…….

No More Missed Opportunities

“One reason people resist change is that they focus on what they have to GIVE UP, rather than what they have to GAIN!” 
~Rick Godwin 

Change is uncomfortable, so we tend to avoid it. I can’t count how many times in the past, I missed opportunities because I was too scared of the unknown, scared of change. I was comfortable with the way things were. Why change a good thing, right? I was happy where I was in life, like I am right now.  I’m the most comfortable I’ve been in a long time because life is good!  But with school approaching fast, things were going to change.
For about a year now, I’ve been looking for a job that fits my kid’s schooling schedule, the pays decent, that is something I would enjoy, there’s growth within the company, & it’s something I could grow in, it’s part time or seasonal (mine’s since it ends in Dec), & it’s something I would look forwards to not dreading each day I’ve gotta work. This is a tall order to fill and has taken a long time but in July I finally found the job that I’ve been searching for. And when I actually got hired, I can’t tell you how excited I was. Then the excitement faded and my nerves took over. I began thinking about how many things that will change for us. Once that happened, it’s hard not to let your nervousness completely take over. I let it get the best of me, especially the night before training, where I ended up in the bathroom throwing up 3 times.

ONLY as high as I reach can i GROW, only as far as I SEEK can I go, only as deep as I LOOK can I SEE, only as much as I DREAM can I BE.”
~Karen Raun

This week I started 5 days of training, which is 1.5 hrs away from home. I actually enjoy the ride, just not how early it is. I’m lucky enough to have great people around me who have helped with watching my little ones.  Not worrying about the girls, has decreased my stress level a ton, letting me concentrate on my training.
Training has gone well and I’ve really enjoy it so far.  I’ve learned a ton as well as getting used to working with adults instead of small children.  I’m confident that when I’m on my own next week, I’ll do just fine, since I feel this job was meant for me.
This opportunity, is one that I’m happy to say I didn’t miss out on. When we live in our comfort zone too long, we tend to forget that change is necessary for our growth.  Life is all about change and how we adapt to it. Don’t miss an opportunity because you let your discomforts, fears, & anxiety get the better of you.  Push them aside and embrace whatever the opportunity presents you.
How about you? Have you missed an opportunities because of you feared change?

15 Questions To Help You Reevaluate Your Life

This morning I read an article that struck a cord with me, Finding Your Passion In Life by Barrie Davenport.  She talked about the 5 most important components in our lives and regrets people have related to them.  Those components are:

  • Our relationships
  • Our health
  • Our home
  • Our work
  • Living authentically

After a little explanation, she gives us 15 thought provoking questions to help us reevaluate our present life compared to what’s important to us.  These questions help us see how far or little we have come, where we need to put our focus towards, & letting go of things that bring little to no value to our lives.  Below, are the questions to help guide you in the right direction according to what’s important to you:

  • How are you living inauthentically?
  • What beliefs do you maintain that aren’t really your own?
  • How are you spending time in ways that aren’t really you?
  • How is your work-life balance?
  • Do you spend enough quality time with your family and friends?
  • Is your work fulfilling and pleasurable?
  • What feelings are you repressing because you’re afraid to express them?
  • How are you being controlled or negatively influenced by others?
  • How are you “keeping the peace” at the expense of your true self?
  • What friendships have you let slip that you’d like to maintain?
  • In what ways has your life become so busy you no longer have room for people you care about?
  • What people are you giving your time to who drain you or who don’t support you?
  • What are the limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that hold you back from happiness?
  • How are you giving away your power to choose happiness?
  • What are you willing to release in order to have the time to find your passion, to enjoy your relationships, and to choose happiness through the simpler pleasures of life?

We are all a work in progress, just never stop working on yourself, otherwise you’ll end up somewhere you’ve never intended to be.  You don’t want you unintended destination to turn into one of  your biggest life regret   Take control of your life today, by living it the way you deem fit.
Are you living your life for yourself the way you want?   Or are others in the driver’s seat?

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