Turning Negatives Into Positives

Earlier this week, I went hiking with hubby in pretty cold weather.  It was a whooping 35 degrees, but after I bundled up, I was perfectly fine.  Or so I thought.
Shortly after we began, I started losing my breath.  As soon as I headed over my 2nd hill, my chest began to tighten and I had a hard time breathing.  This happened pretty much most of the way, any time I exerted myself.  WOW!! Talk about being completely outta shape.  I made it as far as I could go, but sadly it was only 2/3 of the way up.  I didn’t reach the top because I couldn’t.
It took everything I had, not to cry from embarrassment.  I was embarrassed I let myself get so out of shape, embarrassed that I was like this in front of my husband, & I was embarrassed  I couldn’t make it to the top because I really thought I could.
As I began the trip down, my self talk was pure negative.  I was really beating myself up, thinking the worst of myself.  This went on for half the way down, till I got to a certain spot.
This spot was absolutely breathtaking.  There was a mini waterfall that lead into a river.  The sun was shining and peaking through the trees perfectly on this brightly covered moss stone.  It was stunning.  All I could think about was what a beautiful place to take pictures at.  Then I began to think of different photo shoots I could do here.  The beauty of this place enabled me to take step back, recollect my thoughts, & concentrate on something other than my negative thoughts.
From that point on, I began thinking about the positives from this trip.  I began to think about how far I have come because 2 yrs ago (at the height of my illness) I wouldn’t have been able to do this at all.  Then I began to feel proud for not giving up at the 1st sight of trouble.  Even though I really wanted too.  I pushed myself till I couldn’t and knew it was time to call it quits.
Isn’t it so funny how so simple can change my perspective and let me see things in a whole new light.  I was really able to look past the disappointment & embarrassment to see all the wonderful things that came from this trip.

What helps you change your thinking replacing the negatives thoughts with more positive ones?

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