Motivation of the Day….March 6th

It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten out so today we took the girls on a family hike.  It was an interesting time.  We took this trail that ended up having some snow, ice, & mud.  The girls and I kept slipping everywhere.  As we were heading down I slipped and fell on my butt in this pile of mud with puddles in it.   Even though I was freezing cold, my pants sticking to me, & my butt went numb, it was a fun time.  I was so happy to be able to get out and enjoy our almost 40 degree weather, which is the beginning of a great week.  And I was able to get my 10,000 steps in today.  YAY!
How has your weekend been?
 What motivated you to get up & get moving?


Affirmation #1- Embracing Yourself

Today’s motivation of the day is a little different, since it’s always nice to mix things up.

affirmation 1

Everyone has something special, something unique about them.
What makes you unique?  How do you embrace it?

Motivation of the Day….March 3rd

This past week has been a blur of dealing with my stomach problems that was plaguing me. But it’s been 2 days of feeling like myself again, so this bout seems to be over.  The whole time I was sick, I thought about my blog.  It seems so silly but truly love it & love chatting my readers.  It’s always on my mine because I always have something I want to share with others.  So I guess that would make me Silly Sarah.
Since I had time to relax & recover, I’ve made sure to capture images that inspire or motivate me, to share with you all. I’ve also done a little reading, some things I’ve read, really got to me. I’ll share more on that in another post.
Lastly, 2 days ago I restarted my photography season, in which I will be doing action sports, sport groups, dances & proms, & spring school portraits.  In between I’ll still be doing my freelance photography. My illness can’t completely slow me down. Here is how our last week looked it.


girls had a fun Grammy craft day where they made pots of gold, bunnies, bird w/nests, & cookies


made a yummy pot of Dairy Free Creamy Swiss Chard Butternut Squash & Bacon soup


made it out for a short walk


beginning our walk


the girls did their 1st booth sale. This is a huge accomplishment since my girls are super shy.


ending our walk w/a big smile

How has your week been?  What has motivated or inspired you to
get up & get moving?

Daily Motivator……..February 22nd & Promoting Your Blog

                       Today I accomplished great things.  I was able to be the best version of myself & share it with the world.
2012-07-22 16.58.09

In the spirit of sharing, I’m offering anyone who is interested in a chance to share their latest blog post with me & my readers.  Here’s a chance for self promotion.  You can add a link to anything you have written, photographed it doesn’t matter.  And in doing so, you will at least gain 1 more reader if not lots more.  Leave a link in my comment section below.  Can’t wait to see what everyone will share with me  🙂

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