Walking My Way To A Better Mood

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Friday, I had a terrible horrible no good very bad day, which put me in an awful mood.  The negativity monster, clung on to me, digging its claws down deep, not wanting to let go.  Feeling this way, seems so unnatural to me, since I’ve tried so hard to be positive and happy.  Not only was the monster clinging on, but a black cloud encased a bubble around me, adding an extra layer of unpleasantness.  It was that kind of day.
Now, I could have let this ruin the day for me and my kids, but instead I decided I needed to do something about this.  So, I grabbed my phone, headphones, & walked & walked & walked until the monster went away.  As I was walking, I made it a point to take in all the interesting & beautiful things I came across.  It’s amazing because once I started opening my eyes, I realized just how lucky we all are for such a beautiful planet which holds such amazing things.  After that realization, everything that had been stressing me out seemed so small……..so petty.  By the end of my walk, I was in a much better mental state.  Not only was I able to take care of myself and my family, but I was able to set a better mood for our upcoming weekend.
I can’t stress the importance of self care, how each of us need to make it a priority.  It’s just as important as taking care of our family, yet most of us put little to no efforts back into ourselves.  Why?  I know for me, I want to model a different approach to all 5 of my children, one where I’m just as important as the next member.  And so I walk and will continue to walk every time I need a space to breathe, regroup, & get my bearing straight.
What do you do when you are in an awful funk or mood?   What has or hasn’t helped?


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If You Could Travel Anywhere, Were Would You Go?

**this post is part of my Silver lining Sunday**
Imagine for a minute you could travel anywhere in the world, where do you see yourself going?  What are your reasons or motivation behind the places you have chosen.

For me Ireland, is hands down my number 1 place to visit.  I hope within the next 5 years, I am able to accomplish this goal.  If I work towards it, saving as much as I can, where I can, I know this will become a reality.  I can’t wait till I am able to photograph this beautiful country, I grew up loving.
Growing up, this was a place my dad always wanted to go and showed me the culture, food, history, music, dancing etc., getting me hooked on it.  My dad always shared that we have ancestors there and how we have a county named after them, the Joyce country, which if you didn’t know consists of regions in the Galway & Mayo counties.  And to make it even cooler, we have our own coat of arms & family crest.  Now, you can see why I’m in love with this mysterious & beautiful country.  What to know where else I would go, check out my top 10 places I will explore in the world:
**1. Ireland**

Breathtaking Ireland

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2. Iceland

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3. Wales & Scotland

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Here’s the remaining places on my list:

4. Austria, Denmark, & Holland

5. Spain & Greece

6. Australia & New Zealand

7. Romania

8. Bolivia

9. Argentina

10. Japan

Once I went to the above places, I would explore unique places that are less traveled.   If you could travel anywhere, where would you go & why?  Please take a moment to share with one another, places of interest or desire since there is so much in the world to discover.  Add a comment, link, or pic in the comment section below.  Let’s all travel the world through one another and see where it takes us.

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Magic Of A Compliment


“Hi Sarah,
I just wanted to thank you for sharing your blog! I don’t go on Facebook much, but always love seeing the adorable photos of your beautiful kids! I went to your blog and just wanted to tell you that I think you’re an amazing person. Sharing that much of yourself is a truly brave thing to do and it truly touched me to get a glimpse into your world and see what a truly beautiful spirit you are! I’m sure they already know, but your children and husband are blessed to have a mother and wife that is so strong despite challenges and so positive. I love the way you see the world, and it reflects in your photography. You see and appreciate things that so many others take for granted. I just felt like I wanted to share my thoughts with you! Wishing you and your family all the best! The world needs more people like you!”

Last summer, I received this message out of the blue and it still makes my day when I read it.  Yes, it is saved in my inbox.  This has to be the best compliment I have ever received, because it came from her heart.  Here an old high school acquaintance, that I knew years ago, taking time out of her busy schedule to let me know how she felt.  It made me day, week, year.  And this my friends, is the magic of a compliment.
The magic come from the person giving the compliment to the person receiving it.  Almost instantly, you can see the person transform as the sides of their lips start turning upwards into the most amazing smile one has ever seen, their eye start to glisten & spark, & you can see their pure happiness, joy, & appreciation slip out of every pore of their being.  It is truly an amazing thing to see, but it is more amazing to be the giver, sharing a bit of your magic where you see fit.  So in honor of World Compliment day today, go out and give a piece of your love to another, share your magic with them.
~Happy World Compliment Day~

What is the best compliment you received or gave?


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