Realease Your Guilt: 5 Reasons Why Taking Care of Ourselves Isn’t Selfish

“It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, & to make your happiness a priority.  It’s necessary.” ~Mandy Hale

Being a wife and mother, I put my husband & children ahead of myself.  I know that there are numerous parents out there who do the same.  It has been like this for as long as I remember. I always felt guilty of doing something for myself, because I could have done whatever it was for my family.  This year, in my efforts to take care of myself, I realized how that way of thinking is counter productive. In fact, it prohibited me to properly take care of myself.  We need to love ourselves enough to take care of our mind, body, & spirits.  If we don’t, who will?
Once you start taking care of yourself, the guilt we have all felt one time or another will fade.  I don’t feel guilty if I want to go to the gym instead of volunteering at my daughter’s school.  I know I do a lot already and that what I do is enough.  I don’t feel guilty when I go running, leaving my little ones with their brother.  I know they are in good hands & I’m only gone for a short period of time.  Still not convinced here are a few reasons why taking care of ourselves isn’t selfish……..

5 Reasons Why Taking Care of Ourselves Isn’t Selfish
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  1. Eating healthy is needed as fuel for our minds & body
    Supplying our body with the proper nutrients it needs to thrive is so important.  I can’t stress enough the importance of this.  The food I ate damaged my body more than I ever thought.  I didn’t realize how much till I cut those foods out of my diet.  Once you get over the initial hump, you’ll feel so much better.  And you’ll be thankful that you replaced the processed & junk food, for healthier options.  It truly does make a whole of difference.  Not convinced, try cutting something out for 3 weeks and see how you feel.
  2. Taking care of ourselves enables us take care of our loved ones
    If we aren’t in good shape, how will we be able to give our loved ones our 100%.  We can’t.  As sad as it is to admit, before I started taking care of myself, I didn’t have much energy to truly be present with my kids.  I didn’t play or engage with them, like I do now.  Because of how I’m making myself a priority, I’m able to give my loved ones so much more of me.
  3. Exercising regularly not only helps us keep in shape but it gives us energy needed throughout our day
    I’ve noticed over the last month, how much more energy I have because of exercising.  It’s interesting on the days I go to the gym or running how much better I feel compared to when I don’t.  I have lots more energy to get things done & I’m able to engage with my kids longer.
  4. Shows our kids how important it is….show by example
    Growing up, self care wasn’t a concept I knew.  My dad gave us his all and had nothing left for himself.  This is where my mommy guilt came in.  I thought be a good mother meant going without so my kids don’t.  But it doesn’t.  I didn’t realize the importance of self care.  By giving my kids an example to follow, I’m hoping they always take care of their whole self.
  5. Healthy mind, body, & spirit radiates love, compassion, & generosity
  6. Happiness is a side effect of self care
    Last week, I had lunch with my dad and he made an interesting comment about how much happier I seem.  I thought about this all the way home and realized just how right he was.  I have been a lot happier since I’ve started eating healthier & making exercising a priority.  Want more happiness in your life?  Start taking better care of yourself.

Now I’m not saying to go out and spend a ton of money on ourselves.  Just take a real hard look at yourself & your life.  Is self care an important part in your life?  Or is it needing some support?  If you’re like me and was really lacking, figure out ways to work on this, something realistic you could do a regularly and start making it a point to do it.  Stop making excuses and start implementing small ways to take better care of ourselves.  If we don’t who will?

Is self care important to you?  Or is it a new concept for you?  
Love to hear your thoughts on this.

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Motivation of the Day….Febuary 10th

There are some days that I just can’t get motivated.  Today started out that way but thankfully my hubby had the day off and got me to get up & out.  It was lightly snowing all day, with the sun shining at times, making it a great day for a stroll in the woods.  We took Rosco, who has super excited to a trail that we ended up walking about 2 miles on. It was so fun seeing the two of them running & playing while I walked a steady pace.  Fun times.
What has motivated you today?
Did you get everything done that you wanted to do? 

Motivation of the Day….February 2nd

I’m always looking for new ways to get more steps in my day.
One way to do this would be to walking my girls in the morning
& at pick.  I think school is about 1.5 miles one way.
Twice a day would give me 6 miles.  But since it’s still wintertime
& the mornings aren’t warm enough for the girls,
I will be adding in this walk once a day, in the afternoon,
weather permitting. Today, Thursday, & Friday will
be the only days I can do this, this week.  But that means
I got an extra 18 miles of walking in for my week.  So, I’ll
take what I can do.
What has motivated you

Expectation Shift

Lowing my expectations towards others has been uplifting & freeing.  It took me 35 years to do this, but once I did, it added a new chapter in my happiness book.  I no longer expect people to live up to my expectations because they don’t share the same expectations I have.  How can I hold them accountable based on what I want them to do?
We can either accept the people in our lives for who they are or find yourself being disappointed time & time again.  I have a friend that I absolutely love, that I see every few months.  She’s amazing, funny, & I love being around her.   I would be completely sad if she wasn’t in my life.  But she’s flaky & unreliable.  And I’m completely fine with that, since that is who she is.  Once I accepted her for who she is, my feelings of disappointment faded.  Everyone has strengths & weaknesses, learn the strengths of the people in your life and build on that.  Building a foundation on someone’s weaknesses leaves cracks & eventually your foundation will crumble.
Next time someone disappoints, angers, or makes you sad, check within to see if it’s because of the expectations you have of them.  Try lowering them & see how that changes your relationship & feelings towards that person.  I noticed that doing this has helped me cut out drama, stress, negativity, & resentment.
After reading numerous blogs, there are a lot of people who don’t believe this.  So this question is for all of you, does lowering your expectation towards other and increasing your positive expectation for yourself bring you more happiness? Why or why not?

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Motivation of the Day….January 28th

 Today I stopped making excuses on why I don’t walk as much as I wanted.  Once I held myself accountable I  it motivated me to walk 5.75 miles this morning.  My biggest walk yet.
Now it’s your turn, stop making excuses and do all the things you wanted to do.  Don’t put it off tomorrow when you can start right now.


What has motivated you to get up & get moving today?

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13 Ways To Embrace Winter By Keeping It Simple

I’ve never really been a winter person even if I’ve lived in New England a good portion of my life.  Each year, I never look forwards to winter, the cold weather, & all that it brings.  But this year, I was determined to make the most out of winter, embracing everything it has to offer instead of being depressed, stuck indoors, waiting for the spring to arrive.  I know I’m not alone, there are others who don’t enjoy winter.  So here’s some of the things that have made this winter actually quite enjoyable.  It may not be my most favorite season, but it definitely not a time to dread anymore.  Here’s a few ways I’ve embraced winter.

1. Get the right gear
“There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” ~Swedish Saying
Having the right gear is EVERYTHING.  How can you enjoy the colder months is your freezing?  You don’t need to spend a fortune, just make sure you have good gloves, hat, neck wrap, & warm boots.  Oh and wearing two pairs of pants on really cold days helps a lot.

2. Change your mindset  

Attitude is everything.  Start finding little ways you enjoy about winter and go from there.

3. Admire the beauty of the season
Have you been out looking around, it’s quite beautiful out.  The snow & ice offers such fantastic props for images.  Next time your out, start really looking around, seeing all the beauty that’s around you.

4. Make your home cozy & enjoy the comforts
Fires, candles, essential oil diffusers etc. helps make you house cozy.  Who wouldn’t want to be home if it’s nice & cozy.  Enjoy the comforts of food, warm drinks, reading, snuggling etc.

5. Have a winter bonfire
Who doesn’t love a good bonfire?  Bonfires aren’t just for spring & summer, winter ones can be just as fun.

7. Snuggle up with a good book
Got some reading to catch up on, now is the perfect time.  Make yourself a nice warm drink, snuggle with your favorite blanket and get your reading on.

8. Have a game night
We love game nights at our house.  Wintertime is a great time to have these more often, as we are always looking of ways to have fun with all 5 kiddos, but it’s hard since the ages they are 16-6.  Games is a perfect way for us all to have family time.

9. Exercise @ least 1x per day
No, you don’t need to go crazy or anything, just get out and walk.  I love walking now, so that’s what I will do till spring, then I’m hoping to fix my bike and start biking again.  My stomach can’t handle running, so I don’t ever think I would do that.  Just do whatever you can at least 1x per day.

10. Get outdoors as often as you can……..staying indoors is depressing
Getting out in the fresh air will do you wonders.  Stop barricading yourself in, get out, & embrace the cold.

11. Activities & hobbies ie. snowshoeing, sledding, crafts etc.
Finding something to get up moving, is always great.  Why not make it something fun.  Take up new activities or do something you already love.  It’ll make winter so much more enjoyable.

12. Eat as healthy as possible
The way we eat will affect the way we feel.  Fill your body with foods that it will thank you later for.

13. Host an outdoor party or pot luck
Parties of any kind are fun.  Why not host one at your house?  It can be as simple as you want, just gather a few people together to enjoy each other’s company.

Are you a fan of winter?

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