Motivation of the Day….February 21st

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What do you do to motivate yourself,
when you just are motivated?


Everyday Comforts Can Prevent Us From Truly Living

Tonight’s our last night camping, we’ve been at the beautiful Sebago Lake area of Maine.  It’s the longest we’ve been away from home at one time, which has been such an interesting experience.  The convenience & comfort of our home has been replaced with simplicity & simple living.  To be completely honest before we left I was a little worried about the 6 of us leaving all our comforts behind for a small popup tent trailer 3 hrs away for 8 days.  It sounded like a lot to give up, even if you are living a simple life.  Of course my concerns weren’t warranted, since it’s been a great adventure, one that we’ve really needed.
We’ve literally cut out everything except for food, shelter (our popup tent trailer which has 2 bunks, a pull out couch, toilet, sink, cabinet, & fridge), clothing, free to cheap activities (outdoors & through the campground only, nothing elsewhere), & we limited technology & communication usage.  The only things we really missed was our reptiles, my gardens, & a few people important to us.  Everything that was cut, didn’t make any difference in our lives this week.
We need very little in our lives to truly thrive, yet we surround ourselves with excess of everything.  We end up creating a bubble of distractions around us that hinders our lives, without realizing it.  We get so caught up in the rat race, wondering why we are so miserable and unhappy, even though we have all these comforts around us.
When did our everyday comforts turn into distractions, preventing us from fully experiencing life?

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Walking My Way To A Better Mood

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Friday, I had a terrible horrible no good very bad day, which put me in an awful mood.  The negativity monster, clung on to me, digging its claws down deep, not wanting to let go.  Feeling this way, seems so unnatural to me, since I’ve tried so hard to be positive and happy.  Not only was the monster clinging on, but a black cloud encased a bubble around me, adding an extra layer of unpleasantness.  It was that kind of day.
Now, I could have let this ruin the day for me and my kids, but instead I decided I needed to do something about this.  So, I grabbed my phone, headphones, & walked & walked & walked until the monster went away.  As I was walking, I made it a point to take in all the interesting & beautiful things I came across.  It’s amazing because once I started opening my eyes, I realized just how lucky we all are for such a beautiful planet which holds such amazing things.  After that realization, everything that had been stressing me out seemed so small…… petty.  By the end of my walk, I was in a much better mental state.  Not only was I able to take care of myself and my family, but I was able to set a better mood for our upcoming weekend.
I can’t stress the importance of self care, how each of us need to make it a priority.  It’s just as important as taking care of our family, yet most of us put little to no efforts back into ourselves.  Why?  I know for me, I want to model a different approach to all 5 of my children, one where I’m just as important as the next member.  And so I walk and will continue to walk every time I need a space to breathe, regroup, & get my bearing straight.
What do you do when you are in an awful funk or mood?   What has or hasn’t helped?


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16/365 Carnival

It’s time for another Throwback Thursday post. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it 🙂  Linked with: Create With JoyGood Morning Mondays, & Soul Survival.

Ever Changing

“God put us here on this carnival ride, we close our eyes never knowing where it will take us next.” ~ Carrie Underwood

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Isn’t that the truth!?!?

Thinking back just 10 years, it’s amazing how much things have changed, how much I have grown, and where my journey has taken me.  10 years ago, I was a 24 years old, a single mom of 3 with a fiancee, living in a small shack in the middle of nowhere, one crappy car, had no TV or internet or telephone, and  didn’t have any money-actually owed more than I earned by far.  At that one moment, I thought life was hopeless.  I didn’t think that my journey would get any better than it was.  It was a harder time in my life.  Now, looking back, I really wished I had more faith, faith in myself, god, and my soon to be husband.

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Happy & Content

Last week, (on January 29th) I turned 35.  Without really realizing it, I was internally freaking out.  I was freaking myself out so badly, the night before my birthday, I felt like I was having a heart attack, or at least what I pictured it would feel like.  Sharp pains on my left side and my arm felt numb.  I thought for sure there was something wrong.  But there wasn’t anything wrong with me.  It was all anxiety, as embarrassing as it is to admit.

Why on Earth was I freaking out?  The thought of being  halfway to 40 (which is crazy to think about), was bothering me a lot.  As I enjoyed my simple but super fun birthday , I kept thinking about my life now & how far I have come.  As i looked deeper and deeper into my life, I realized how happy & content I am.  Why would I let a number bother me when I am at a good place in my life?  Over the course of my birthday, the anxiety I had, melted away.  And in its place was the feeling of contentment, of happiness.  And instead of freaking out about how old I am, I was able to see all the positive things that makes my life full of happiness & contentment.  And in doing this, it made my birthday so much more enjoyable and fun.