Positivity In Our Lives

I’ve had the hardest time getting my thoughts into words for this topic.  So, instead of delaying it even longer, I would share some interesting articles I’ve found about positivity in our lives.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday night, I’m counting down till the new Games of Thrones episode come on, only 1.5 hrs to go 🙂

Getting Positive Influences Into Your Life & Negative Ones Out
By Wendy Komac 

The dichotomy between good and evil, positive and negative, will always be. However, you can choose between the two. Make the negative an abstract idea that you once knew, but vow to never visit again. Make the positive your default position.

This switch begins with your relationships. When you’re around people, pay attention to how they make you feel. Don’t focus on the kind of people they are, but zone in on what kinds of emotions are stirred when you first see them or interact with them. There are plenty of respectable, kind people in this world who can still bring negativity into your life. It’s all about your relationships with them; if those aren’t positive for you, they don’t need to be sustained.  Read the rest here….

A Positive Attitude: The Essence of Good Manners
by Lisa Gache
As an etiquette instructor, most people think my instruction revolves around lessons in poise and posture, the importance of a firm handshake, and proper table manners. What they don’t realize is that, before I get into any of the manners skills training, I begin each and every client session with a very frank conversation about the importance of a positive attitude as being essential to having good manners.

Learning how to be more positive actually led me to my interest in teaching manners in the first place. As a New Yorker, I was born with the natural tendency to look at the more cynical side of everything, often viewing the glass as half-empty rather than half-full. Growing up in a household with an unhappy parent certainly didn’t add to my ability to look on the brighter side of life. It certainly hasn’t been an easy road, however, I had the good fortune to marry someone who is eternally optimistic and has inspired me to move forward in the right direction.  Read the rest here….

How important is positivity in your life?
Let me know what you think of these articles, other articles to share, or you thoughts on this topic….

Today marks the 16th day of a month-long challenge that I’m taking part in called Blogging A to Z.  If you’re looking me up on the list, I am #1100.  My theme for this month is simple living.  Are you doing the challenge?  Leave me a comment so I can follow along.  Feel free to share with me any ideas, thoughts, or topics of interest you would like me to cover.  Join me each day for my Living Intentionally Simple A to Z.

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