My View

**this post is part of a month long blogging challenge**

2014-08-15 13.20.29_tonemapped

Here’s my view earlier this week while we were vacationing.  This images doesn’t do it justice, because Sebago lake area of Maine is stunning.

What’s your favorite vacation spot so far?  Why?

5 thoughts on “My View

  1. Hi Sarah! My fav is Sagamore Beach, Cape Cod. My family and I started renting a cottage from a friend my mom worked with back in 1976, I was 5 yrs old. Although I don’t go anymore, my parents still do, every year, the Sat after the 4th now for 39 years (OMG!!) My daughter goes with them and loves it. The reason it’s my favorite is because I have very few good memories from growing up, but the ones I do have are all from the many vacations at the beach.
    Happy 4th!
    Kristine 🙂
    Beautiful pic btw! Is that your daughter? It looks like you can see her aura around her.

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  2. My favorite vacation spot is Kennebunk. I miss it so much that it sometimes aches! It’s been well over a decade since I last felt beach sand between my toes and smelled the ocean. ❤
    What a lovely view you had! Thank you for sharing.


  3. That’s a gorgeous spot! I don’t know how I could pick a favorite vacation spot of ours, since they are all so different – I guess maybe the Rocky Mountains around Banff, Alberta remain my favorite, not only because of the amazing beauty but because it’s near where I grew up so it’s a bit of home for me as well.


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