“God put us here on this carnival ride, we close our eyes never knowing where it will take us next.” ~ Carrie Underwood

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Isn’t that the truth!?!?

Thinking back just 10 years, it’s amazing how much things have changed, how much I have grown, and where my journey has taken me.  10 years ago, I was a 24 years old, a single mom of 3 with a fiancee, living in a small shack in the middle of nowhere, one crappy car, had no TV or internet or telephone, and  didn’t have any money-actually owed more than I earned by far.  At that one moment, I thought life was hopeless.  I didn’t think that my journey would get any better than it was.  It was a harder time in my life.  Now, looking back, I really wished I had more faith, faith in myself, god, and my soon to be husband.

My life now isn’t what I pictured it would be, it’s better.  After years of hard work from both my husband and I, we are now reaping in the rewards.  We now own our own home, I am super happy being home with my children, we have a yard that is all our own, hubby doesn’t have any more creditors, both of our credit scores went way up, we own 2 cars so I don’t have to share with him anymore, we have extra fun things like a camper and kayaks, and my hubby has a better job, one in which he won an award for and got a promotion.  Because of this, we are so much happier, happier than I ever thought possible.

I have grown so much, I have found my passion for photography & writing, and I have done a few things I never ever seen myself doing like canning, farmer’s markets (as a vendor), making & trying different recipes, diy things and other homesteading ideas, started my family and artist blog, I was asked to create my own workshop & teach it, I was asked to do a 5 week group to share my frugal ideas and to show others that anyone can get healthy on any budget, and discovered my passion for writing.  And As of the last few months, I have embraced minimalism, and starting my journey with that.  I am a completely different person than I was, with different goals and ideas.  Now I couldn’t imagine anything else.  Each of our journeys are so amazing, since each are filled with joyful and sad memories, ups and downs, twists and turns.  If you look back at yourself 10 years ago, I am sure you will see how much you have grown.  So, all those moments, where you wonder how important your daily tasks really are, how you are making a contribution.  Don’t count those moments but take a step back and look at how far you have come.

Is your life now, the way you pictured it would be 10 years ago?  Or have things completely changed for you?

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4 thoughts on “Carnival

  1. I am happy for you that you were able to see more than your dreams come true. Yes, it was hard work but you are so very happy now, at least from what I’ve read from you.

    Let’s see ten years ago I had one son in the military and worried about him constantly while he was overseas in combat and my youngest was turning 18 and preparing to move out on his own. That was the transition period where I had time to look at what I wanted my life to be when motherhood wasn’t the number one priority. I could never have imagined this is where I’d end up but like you, it’s better than I could have dreamed up.


    • Thank you 🙂
      I am in a happy place, which was a long time coming. I’m glad my happiness is evident through my writings. All those hard years that I struggled, make it all worth while.
      Talk about stresses you had. My oldest son may join the military and just thinking about that worries me so. It’s interesting because when you are in the thick of motherhood, you don’t see it ever not being your number 1 priority. But everything changes and in a few short years, my two older ones could be off making a life for their own. I think, like you, I will reflect at that stage.
      I’m so happy to how well things are for you. It’s it awesome that it turns out way better than we hoped for?!
      Hope you’re having a great weekend.

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