6 thoughts on “Motivation of the Day….Feburary 4th

  1. I had a minor stroke in Nov. 2008 at the age of 49. It resulted in me losing some of the vision in my left eye. It’s not just about changing your diet but your lifestyle. I don’t drink soda except ginger ale, no dairy, except yogurt & Kefir, reduced my salt intake, exercise, reduced the amount of red meat that I eat, increased my intake of fruits, vegetables and legumes. A stroke can happen to anyone. My parents were thin and so am I but I have a genetic disposition to high blood pressure which is what cause the stroke in the first place. On my Mom’s side is diabetes which is another devastating disease. My eating habits are not perfect but they are much better than back in 2008!! Don’t let your wake up call be the E.R. I feel God allowed me to live for a reason and a purpose so I must keep my Temple healthy and strong to fulfill my calling.


    • How scary. Sorry you had to go through all that. But you know I felt the same way you did after my illness struck me.
      A 5yrs ago out of the blue, I got super sick. Now I don’t drink or do drugs so this happening was a mystery. I was sick for 1.5yrs with liver failure & pancreatitis. I was also throwing up all the time and having flair ups similar to what people with chrones disease have. After numerous tests and surgeries they found that I had a rare illness. At one point , I really thought I was going to die and leave my 5 kids and hubby behind. That was a life changing moment for me. It helped me put everything into perspective. After I left the hospital they put me on meds to help but instead it make me sicker and because of the extreme weight gain from the meds I began having heart problems. I knew I had to do something before it was too late.
      I thought a lot about my diet and the lack of exercise and knew that is what caused me to get sick. My diet was just awful and the chemicals from yrs of extreme soda drinking and frozen dinners weight hevily on me. So I took myself off the meds and changed my life and diet and I got better by that. I too felt Like i was given a 2nd chance for a reason. Even though I have to deal with stomach issues every day I’m still thankful for going through it because I’m now healthier, both mentally & physically, than I have been in a long time.

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  2. Another major reason I knew I had to get off the pity potty and get well is I’m responsible for my developmentally disabled brother Stephen. He needs me and I need me to be well, strong, healthy and whole!!


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