Teacher Appreciation Gift

_RYA0022 (3)
My two girls have the best student teacher whom we all adore.  So when I found out today was their last day, we had to make a fun simple appreciation gift for all they have done for my girls.  Here’s what the candy filled vase I came up with.

Teacher Appreciation Gift
*makes 2 candy filled vases

Supplies: (all bought at the Dollar Store)

2 small thin vases
4 packs of hershey kisses (super small pack)
1 bunch of flowers
2 bunch of fake berries

1. Pick the berries off the stem.
2. Using your hot glue gun and glue 2 little bunches of berries together.
3. Wrap the berries around the vase where you like, I did around the top since it wasn’t working doing the bottom of it.  Hot glue your last piece around the vase.  It’ll look like this:
_RYA0026 (2)
4. Pull 1 flower off the stem and glue it wherever you like.
5. Dump 1 bag of candy in the vase.
6.  Place on little bunch inside the vase & use remaining candy bag to fill the vase.  I added the flower since it looked nice and to take up space since my candy didn’t come to the top without it.


~Viola, you simple cute gift is done~

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27 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Gift

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  5. So thoughtful, and I bet it was truly appreciated! Thanks for Hosting at the Oh My Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday! I look forward to seeing you again next week!
    Jingle Jangle Jungle

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, it was. My daughter was all excited because the student teacher almost cried because someone thought of her. Which of course made my daughter’s day. See you next week for another WW.


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  7. This is a very sweet and thoughtful gift to give, that is not only, quick, easy, but budget friendly; not to mention filled with chocolate! It’s a pleasure to co-host with you @OMHGWW! Have a wonderful week!
    xo Christine


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  9. What a great idea. My daughter is 21 now, but when she was in school, we always gave her teachers an appreciation gift. It’s been nice co-hosting with your this week.


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