What Helps Keep Your Perspective During The Holidays?

The holidays are an easy time to get swept up, lose perspective, and spend a lot of money.  Thankfully, each holiday season, our budget isn’t big, which helps keeps my perspective on things.  Before I embraced simplifying,  I would spend money I didn’t have to buy things we didn’t need.  I was always broker than broke for months to come.  Growing up I didn’t have a lot so I always wanted my kids to have more, but along the way I lost perspective and went way overboard.  I no longer wanted to be one of those people who spent thousands during the holiday season.  Thankfully, my husband was the one who got me into budgeting and I couldn’t be happier.
Because of budgeting, I’m not able to go all out, buy a ton of unnecessary things that no one will use, instead I plan everything out, knowing how much I have to spend on each person.  I like to match up my gifts to each person’s likes to the best of my ability.  For example this year I’m making my 2 older nieces marshmallow shooters with their favorite color duct tape as decoration.  This is a frugal but loving gift that I know will bring lots of happiness and laughter.  There is something you can do for everyone.  Grandparents love photos, make something out of your favorite photo.  Last year I took a dollar store tin and pasted a pic in it, & put it in the baskets I give our parents.  Simple, easy, but loving.
I’ve been on a journey this past year of simplifying all aspects of my life, since a lot wasn’t working for me.  This is an on going journey, one that has many pit-stops, detours, & obstacles to overcome.  But so far, I’ve been doing great, slowly simplifying what I need & want in my life, & getting rid of the rest….the unnecessary clutter.
The holidays is such an easy time to fall back into bad habits, that is why you need something to keep you in check.  Budgeting has become this tool for me.  What will help you?  Finding something that helps keep us grounded, helping to keep our perspective will enable us to have the things and people we want in our lives, that bring the most joy & happiness.  It’ll free up time & energy for those important parts of our lives.  Who couldn’t use more joy, happiness, & energy during the holiday season?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Send some comment love my way………...

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4 thoughts on “What Helps Keep Your Perspective During The Holidays?

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. Before I met my husband I was a lunatic, spending everything I had and then some. I would spend so much thinking it would make our Christmas better. Now I’m not stressed or freaking out like I used to be. Plus, I’m much more pleasant to be aroun

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  1. I’m having a hard time finding a way to keep my perspective this year. Since our kids were little we have had a budget for Christmas – saving a little each month (emphasis on little) so we don’t go overboard. That’s been a constant. However, this year I am having difficulty adjusting to the extra’s like guests, lights, decorations, shopping. I had such a quiet, simple spring and early summer that I am resenting the intrusions on my time. So, I am trying to just go with the flow and understand that some days are going to be hectic, and other days are going to be more normal.

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    • I completely understand since it’s always the extra stuff that kill me. Even if it’s small, it does add up. For example having my daughter’s friends over all the time, kills my food budget. Or when I really wanted to decorate the outside of our house, but haven’t budgeted for it.
      Here’s hoping for more normal relaxing days ahead for you. Thanks for commenting & visiting 🙂


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